ALPHA 20' Locker: method of entry & marksmanship

20' container (CONNEX), custom fabricated to anchor a tactical training rig with internal modifications supporting special operations accessories. 

  • 2 Breaching Doors (1 Explosive/Shotgun
    /Thermal Lance and 1 Mechanical) 
  • 8 Shaped holes in walls for shooting targets outside 
  • Ballistic walls, allowing for shooting inside the locker 
  • Adjustable Window, with glass that can be modified 
  • Block window with stairs 
  • Unease floor attachment 
  • Non-Slip Roof 
  • Roof Hatch 

The combination of physical training and tactical training simulates combat and creates a training environment that will increase operational readiness. 

  • Custom design build 
  • Powder coated 
  • Commercial construction grade welding 
  • 50 years of steelwork fabrication 
Alpha 20ft 3RD header.png

2 - BATS Pro Breaching Door 

  • Shotgun Breaching Training on hinges & locks 
  • Explosive breaching training 
  • Pushing charges 
  • C charges on lock area 
  • Thermal breaching 
  • Cutting machine breaching 

1 - Mechanical Breaching Door

  • Both in and out door prying
  • Ram training 
  • Hydraulic breaching 
  • 8 different locking points 
  • Exchangeable door jams 
  • Exchangeable door case 

Marksmanship is a fundamental element to the Alpha Locker and to the training of the tactical athlete. The Alpha Locker enables marksmanship training from rooftops and other tactical apertures. 


 Alpha 20ft: Breaching & Shooting Main
  Alpha 20ft: Breaching & Shooting  Diagram


  Alpha 20ft: Breaching & Shooting  Includes