The Bravo Rig is the wall mounted or floor mounted partner to the Alpha Rig and is designed to meet operational training needs of the Military, First Responder, Fire Services and Law Enforcement communities.  With a specific focus on Breacher Training and the importance of being able to effectively breach and enter a space while under physical duress, the Bravo Rig incorporates the finest breaching training tools in an environment that enables tactical and emergency services personnel to conduct operational training while in a high heart rate environment.  

Alpha 20ft 3RD header.png
  • Includes the World Class Mechanical Breaching Door by Sweden Entry Tools
  • Both in and out door prying
  • Ram training 
  • Hydraulic breaching 
  • 8 different locking points 
  • Exchangeable door jams 
  • Exchangeable door case 
  • Wall or Floor Mounted
  • High Tower - for fast roping and rings
  • Climbing Wall
  • Cargo Net
  • Integrated Squat Racks
  • Mechanical breaching door
  • Multiple muscle-up/pull up areas
 Bravo Rig Main
  Bravo Rig Diagram