The Charlie Rig is a basic breaching rig designed to meet operational training needs of the Military, First Responder, Fire Services and Law Enforcement communities.  With a specific focus on Breacher Training and the importance of being able to effectively breach and enter a space while under physical duress, the Charlie Rig incorporates the finest breaching training tools in an environment that enables tactical and emergency services personnel to conduct operational training while in a high heart rate environment.  

Alpha 20ft 3RD header.png
  • Includes the World Class Mechanical Breaching Door by Sweden Entry Tools
  • Both in and out door prying
  • Ram training 
  • Hydraulic breaching 
  • 8 different locking points 
  • Exchangeable door jams 
  • Exchangeable door case 


  • Free standing 
  • 2 BeaverFit Climbing Wings
  • 1 Mechanical Breaching Door
  • Multiple muscle-up/pull up bars
  • Integrated Squat Racks
Charlie Rig Main
Charlie Rig Middle Diagram
Charlie Rig Right Diagram