Different and distinct from BeaverFit's Performance Locker line of products, the Basic Breaching Training System, the Advanced Para-Rescue Training System (Original Version and Variant 1), the Advanced Special Forces Training System and the Expeditionary Airborne Training System are part of the distinct line of Operational Training Products released by BeaverFit.  The Basic Breaching Lockers are rapidly deployable, mobile units designed to meet operational training needs of the Military, First Responder, Fire Services and Law Enforcement communities.  With a specific focus on Breacher Training and the importance of being able to effectively breach and enter a space while under physical duress, the Basic Breaching Locker incorporates the finest breaching training tools in an environment that enables tactical and emergency services personnel to conduct operational training while in a high heart rate environment.  Whether for a Military or LE unit that needs to conduct tactical breaching, or Fire Services that need to conduct breaching to gain access to buildings during emergencies, this is the ideal training equipment solution.

The Advanced Para-Rescue Training System (OTL-APTS) and the Advanced Special Forces Training System (OTL-ASFTS) provide mission essential instruments and training, and are supplemental to the Breaching Training System.  The APTS and ASFTS enhance the effectiveness of the Breaching System by increasing user readiness via the inclusion of training tools that enable manual lifts, such as fireman's carries, vertical climbs and terrain climbs.  Personnel safety is monitored by vital sign, heart rate monitoring, and speed/timing devices.

The Expeditionary Airborne Training System (OTL-EABTS) is a deployable Mock Door training solution that provides the ability to conduct Expeditionary Airborne Training System in remote locations.  Available individually or in a Brigade-level package (OTL-EABTS-BDE), the EABTS solution incorporates a unique design, tools and equipment to enable Static Line Progression and Mock Door training, as well as numerous additional mission essential Airborne Proficiency training tasks in remote or austere locations.

Training Systems are available in the following sizes and variants:

  • OTL-KIT, Breaching Accessory Kit:  $12,995
  • OTL-KIT-D, Breaching Accessory Kit-D:  $22,995
  • OTL-5H, 5' Locker:  $59,995
  • OTL-5H-MB, 5' Mobile Locker:  $66,995
  • OTL-8L, 8' Locker, $63,995
  • OTL-10H, 10' Locker:  $63,995
  • OTL-ISU90, ISU-90 Locker:  $99,995
  • OTL-20H, 20' Locker:  $114,995
  • OTL-20R, Operational Expeditionary Training Locker - Rappel 20':  $249,995
  • OTL-10BL-CUST, 10' Bravo Locker - Custom:  $74,995
  • OTL-ASFTS, Advanced Special Forces Training System:  $189,995
  • OTL-ASFTS-1, Advanced Special Forces Training System, Variant 1:  $119,995
  • OTL-ASFTS-2, Advanced Special Forces Training System, Variant 2:  $79,995
  • OTL-ASFTS-L, Advanced Special Forces Training System - Light:  $49,995
  • OTL-APTS, Advanced Para-Rescue Training System:  $214,995
  • OTL-APTS-1, Advanced Para-Rescue Training System, Variant 1: $144,495
  • OTL-APTS-2, Advanced Para-Rescue Training System, Variant 2: $74,995
  • OTL-EABTS-8, Expeditionary Airborne Training System - 8':  $99,995
  • OTL-EABTS-10, Expeditionary Airborne Training System - 10':  $99,995
  • OTL-EABTS-BDE, Expeditionary Airborne Training System - Brigade Package:  $349,995
  • BF-SOETS, BeaverFit Special Operations Expeditionary Training Station - $69,995

  • Custom Branding:  $5,000